Mall Visitors’ Guide

This page provides an explanation of Universal Citywalk Osaka’s services, rules, and so on.

Makeup & Changing Area (Dressing Rooms)

This area allows you to change clothes and put on makeup!

You can borrow everything from hair dryers and hair irons to useful cosmetic items, all free of charge. There are also coin-operated lockers available for use.

Coin-operated Lockers

3F Coin-operated Lockers

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3F Coin-operated Lockers

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Dressing Rooms

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  • The coin-operated lockers on the 3rd floor are special. You use your cellphone as the key, so you will be unable to use the lockers if you don’t have a cellphone. In that case, please use the coin-operated lockers in the dressing room.


There is an ATM in the Lawson convenience store on the 3rd floor. For information on which cards can be used, please see the Lawson website.

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Parking Lot / Bicycle Rack

Please see the “Access & Parking Lot” page for the location and prices of the parking lot and bicycle rack.

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Smoking Areas

You can smoke in the Georgia Cafe & Smoking Room on the 4th floor. You can also smoke in areas marked on the restaurants page with a “Smoking Room” icon.

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Disaster Prevention Center (Lost and Found)

Lost and found items are deposited in the Disaster Prevention Center on the 1st floor. If you notice something is missing, we’ll check if it was handed in to the lost and found, so please call the Universal Citywalk Osaka Disaster Prevention Center.

Contact Point
Universal Citywalk Osaka
Disaster Prevention Center

1Head toward the Entry Plaza from Universal Studios Japan, and the entrance to the elevators will be on your left.

2Go to the 1st floor by elevator.

3When you get off the elevator, the Disaster Prevention Center will be on your left.

  • Opening and closing times may vary depending on the individual business and the time of year.
  • It is forbidden to use any vehicles such as bicycles or scooters in Universal Citywalk Osaka. (This does not apply to wheelchairs or strollers.)